Retiree Death Benefit Information



Listed below is the benefit information that may be useful to your beneficiary. These benefits vary as it depends on the coverage of the individual member. It is the responsibility of each Retiree to inform his/her beneficiary as to what benefit’s they are entitled.


Fire & Police Employees Retirement System   50% Paid bi-weekly
7 E. Redwood Street, 19th. Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

Toll Free 1-888-410-1600

Widow/Widower of Retiree

Police Benevolence   Insurance Benefit $1,000 to members
Treasure -- Don Kent

Baltimore City Life Insurance   Patrolman to Lieutenant $7,000

Employee Benefits Division   Captain and above $8,500
201 E. Baltimore Street, 5th. Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

Health Care Benefits

Employee Benefits Division
201 E. Baltimore Street, 5th. Floor

Minnesota Life Insurance
Claim Department                                                      
P.O. Box 64114                                             
St. Paul, MN 55164-0114

Baltimore City Police Department                             
Police Beneficial Association (PBA)                       

Fraternal Order of Police   Insurance Benefit $1,500 to members                                            

Municipal Employees Credit Union   Insurance Benefit $1,500 to members
7 E. Redwood Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

In the event of the death of a member, immediately notify the Personnel Service Board Office at 410-396-2546 or 410-369- 2550. This office handles every benefit the beneficiary, spouse or family is entitled to.

In most cases a member of the department will stop out to your house (if within a reasonable distance). They will assist in completing all the necessary paperwork for pensions, life insurance, credit union, health insurance, etc. This home visit will be after the funeral and when the beneficiary is emotionally up to it.

If the beneficiary is living out of state the documentation will be handled by mail. A benefit form will be left with the beneficiary (or spouse or family of the deceased) indicating all of the benefits they will be receiving.


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Instead of flowers if you would like to make a donation to this Baltimore Police History Site in the name of your loved one, use the donate button on the left side of this page, in the notes section on that page include the members name. We will then include his or her name on the Dedication page we don’t have to put the donation amount if you want that kept private, just put (Private) on the line with the officers name, or send us an email with the offices name and (Private) in brackets.

Also if you would like us to build a member page in the name of your loved one, send us as many pics, and as much info as you can. I have had favorite war stories that they used to tell, and or a favorite story that you may have liked hearing. In the end we hope to be able to make their page as historically complete, and accurate as is possible. These memorial pages can look like this ( click HERE ) And they are not only for our deceased, we have plenty of living memorials the idea is to preserve our Baltimore Police History

For us to make a, Member Memorial or Member Dedication Page, it doesn't cost anything. All we need is as much information as you can supply, we prefer scanned photos, items etc. (If you don't have a scanner, you can mail everything to us, 8138 Dundalk Ave Baltimore Md, 21222) We will scan it for you, save it all to a disc and send everything back to you, including a disc with all the photo files. Again that cost nothing, and we even pay the shipping (both ways if you prefer).

In the past we have had people try to photograph their pictures, certificates etc. unfortunately it doesn't work well. We can't clean them up enough to give your loved one and our Police Brother or Sister the respect they deserve. We understand a fear of sending your items off, So we have a few suggestions:

there are alternative methods, you can go to a staples and make color copies, or you can come to our house and we can set down and scan everything together, we have a set up of three scanners, and can anything from photographs, to slides, negatives, and even film. We want the best quality we can give you so that our members will look their best. We bought the best equipment we could afford, to help accomplish this for our brothers and sisters in the BPD. So again if you want to donate in memory of a Baltimore Police Officer that has recently passed use the Donate button on the left side of this page, in notes put the members name, or send me an additional email to either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ken can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Thanks Patricia

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Each of our Districts have a rich history in the number of sacrifices made by our police for the citizens of Baltimore. Throughout this site you will find some amazing stories of the men and women that have served this city. If you know anyone that has, you should thank them for their service. Anyone with information, photographs, memorabilia, or other "Baltimore City Police" items can contact Ret. Det. Kenny Driscoll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. follow us on Twitter @BaltoPoliceHist or like us on Facebook by clicking HERE pics can be mailed to Baltimore City Police History - 8138 Dundalk Ave. Baltimore Md. 21222