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Fallen Officer Street Sign Dedication
This is the Proof Sent to us by the Sign Company

We have all seen Street Signs in cities and towns that are dedicated to sports figures, actors and politicians; many of us find it to be an outstanding way to show homage to our heroes. With this concept in mind, it's time we're able to dedicate streets to the real heroes, to our fallen police. With this we would see the number of officers that have made the ultimate sacrifice. It would serve as a reminder to those thave worked, those that are working and those that will work to protect the citizens of Baltimore, that we do respect the sacraifices made. We would show the public how many gave their lives so to make the comunity a better place, and perhaps it would show active police how real it is, and have them think twice before going into a call before without proper back-up. Having given their lives to the streets of Baltimore, it is time we give them respect that they and their families deserve. We already have some streets in Baltimore dedicated to some of our fallen officer; it's time we dedicate streets to all of them.

We have contacted a sign company that makes genuine street signs. The signs made by this company are not novelty signs, they meet the standards set for the current signs in Baltimore City. These signs can be quite expensive, but while we were looking for these signs, we wanted signs that would hold up over the years, stand up to weather, heat, cold, rain, snow etc. and maintain the reflective dayglow material needed for today’s street signs. On top of agreeing to take on a job like this, the company also has agreed to do them at a reduced price, donating the balance through discounts. We will need as many as 125 signs at $75 each. We currently have just 6 of those signs already made, and enough donations for another half dozen. Before we were getting donations of $25 or $50 dollars, (which is still a good donation, as every little bit helps). But more recently we have had people donating enough to buy the entire sign.

Once we had the first batch of signs done, someone suggested being able to dedicate their donation to a particular officer, i.e. sponsor and entire sign to an officer that had some sort of connection to either family, the unit they worked, district, post etc. We had a former K9 officer recently sponsor "Officer Nelson F Bell Jr" a former K9 Officer. Other Motor units are talking about sponsoring fallen Motors officers, Guys from the Central, Western, Northwestern etc are looking to sponsor guys from the 1800's that were in their district's alumni, and then people that weren't police at all, but had family on the force wanting to help because of their heritage.  

With the first batch of signs complete, someone suggested making a partial donation to a sign and naming who they want their donation to go toward, or sending the entire $75 or more and sponsoring the entire sign or signs.

The signs that are already complete are as follows:

Off Jimmy D Halcomb
Det Thomas G Newman
Off William J Martin

Officer Vincent J Adolfo
Officer Edgar J Rumpf 
Det Marcellus Ward

The donations for the next group of signs have come in and the following Officers have been sponsored and paid in full.

Off Richard J Lear
Lt. Owen E Sweeney Jr
Officer Nelson F Bell Jr
SGT Frank W Grunder Jr
Off Walter P Matthys
Officer John A. Stapf

We have three more signs promised, but we're waiting on the names.



If you want to take part in this program, send a check or money order for any amount you wish to donate; Donations can be sent to us at 8138 Dundalk Ave.Baltimore Md. 21222


made out either to, Ken or Patricia Driscoll - with "Street Sign" and or the "Officer's Name" you would like your partial, or full sponsorship/donation to go to in the "memo box" or in a note sent with the donation. If you would prefer, you can follow this link and use PayPal by clicking the donate button below. There is a memo place on the PayPal form too, you can let us know which officer you would like to sponsor, or donate your money to.


If Link Fails Click HERE




We thank you for your help in this program


Kenny and Patty


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Be a Hero - Help a Hero

10-16 Officer Needs Assistance
When we needed their help they were always there for us – Now they need our help, it’s our chance to be the hero by making a small donation to help a hero.

Baltimore’s retired police have had their pensions stripped to nothing or very near nothing, their medical plans have been increased to where many can’t afford them, busted up, and broken from years of fighting crime to make the streets safer for us, these men and women have given you their all, now they need your help. Make a donation on the donation link in the left hand column and in the Purpose Box simply type “10-16” and we’ll make sure your Baltimore Police receive every penny of it


Gary Dresser
I’m sorry to have to report our brother Police Officer Gary Dresser passed away during the night. RIP Brother, you will be missed, and we were blessed to have had you in our lives and in our BPD family.

(Fundraisors and collections will still be, being collected to cover medical bills and in honor of our brother. So if you can make a donation in Garry's name please do so directly at Cancer Benefit Fund for Gary Dresser (Made out to Gary Dresser Cancer Benefit)  
sent to: ...
Gary Dresser Cancer Benefit
Tioga State Bank
183 Main Street
Newfield, NY 14867

This is one of Baltimore's True Heroes, a "Medal of Honor Recipient" through the Baltimore Police Department; he was diagnosed with stage four cancer in December 2012, and could use our help. As a Marine and a Baltimore Police Officer, he was always there for us when we needed him; now it’s our turn to be there for him. So give a little, or give a lot, but let's give. Often we see the police in the news doing heroic things, like in 911 when the twin towers were attacked and the police and first responders ran to the danger as others ran away, and again in Boston, we saw police, fire fighters and some citizens run to the danger to help those in need. That is what a hero does; they take pride in coming to the aid of those that truly need their help. This is our chance to be a hero, by helping a real Baltimore Hero. Use the information on the web page to help Officer Gary Dressler.

You can give money, or other donations, that will be sold at a community yard sale to raise money


One of our Heroes Needs our Help


Gary W. Dresser

Two weeks before Christmas of 2012, Gary Dresser of Newfield received the news that no family wants to hear. He was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer that has metastasized to his liver and spine. In an effort to ease the financial burden of the mounting medical bills Gary’s family is having a benefit in his honor.

Date: Saturday May 11th Time: 2 – 6pm
Location: Trumansburg American Legion


   Raffle Baskets


   Silent Auction


   Gun Raffle


Bake Sale 


Music by:


Chris Dresser


and the


Long Hard Ride Band 


Chicken & Rib BBQ*


Chicken - $8.00


Chicken & Ribs - $12.00


*Comes with 2 sides


Homemade BBQ baked beans, coleslaw
Potato salad & roll w/butter



If you can't make it concider a donation

The Bank information For Gary Dresser is as follows:

Cancer Benefit Fund for Gary Dresser (Made out to Gary Dresser Cancer benefit)   sent to: ... Tioga State Bank 183 Main Street Newfield, NY 14867

If anyone wants to donate physical items to the benefit my stepsister is taking care of that end
Her name and address is- Kim Bailey 5139 Jacksonville Road Trumansburg, NY 14867

gary 2
If you can't attend please buy a raffle ticket or send a donation, Gary was a Medal of Honor recipient for saving Night Stick Joe's life based on the following.. he was there for our brothers, let's be there for him

 Officer Alric MooreOfficer Garry DresserOfficer Glenn Hauze

    Officer Alric Moore        Officer Garry Dresser      Officer Glenn Hauze

Four Officers Wounded In Gun Fight October 31, 1974   Officer Alric Moore The streets of West Baltimore were almost deserted as Officer Alric K. Moore, of the Western District began trying-up doors on his post in the early morning hours of Thursday, October 31, 1974. While approaching a bar in the 1600 block of West Baltimore Street he noticed that the side door was ajar. Closer examination revealed fresh pry marks and he immediately called for back-up units. When other officers arrived they discovered that the juke box and other items had been removed. Further investigation revealed a trail of scuff marks, left by the heavy record player, leading down the alley to the rear porch of a house on Fayette Street. Officer Garry Dresser With the front of the building covered Officer Gary W. Dresser and Officer Moore approached the closed door that partly blocked by the stolen juke box. As they got onto the porch of the darkened house rapid-fire gun shots rang out from inside striking Officer Moore in the right shoulder and wounding Officer Dresser in the hand as he dove for cover. As Officer Dresser helped the wounded Officer out of the line of fire Officer Glenn D. Hauze was hit in the right shoulder by a second burst of gunfire as he rushed to their aid. "Medal of Honor Recipient" Officer Glenn Hauze Back-up units responded quickly and tightly sealed off the area. The gunman moved from one window to another firing short bursts from his semi-automatic 45 caliber rifle, as the officers returned fire and Officers Hauze and Moore were rushed to the hospital. One of the bursts struck Officer Joseph E. Hlafka wounding him in the jaw, back shoulder and both arms as he took up a position in a near-by yard. Officer Hlafka was removed and rushed to an area hospital as the officers returned fire and attempted to talk the suspect out of the house. The suspect moved to the front and officers continued to ask him to surrender and throw his weapon out. Soon the semi-automatic was dropped from a second floor window. It rested on the front steps as officers cautiously approached the front door. As they edged towards the entrance the suspect yelled, "put your guns away and I'll give up." Officer Charles Thrush holstered his service revolver and advised the suspect that he was going to handcuff him. As Officer Thrush walked towards him, the gunman grabbed the semi-automatic rifle lying next to the steps. Sergeant Anthony Sarro, of the Southwestern District, warned Officer Thrush, who dove for cover, and as the suspect began to raise the weapon Sergeant Sarro fired one round from his shotgun.   Officer Joseph Hlafka The suspect then dropped his weapon and retreated back into the house. After the other occupants of the dwelling came out, the officers entered the premises. The suspect was found dead in the hallway on the third floor. A search of the house revealed a recently stolen 357 magnum revolver. The weapon had been taken in an assault and robbery the day before in the 2000 block of W. Pratt Street. Officers Dresser and Hauze were treated at area hospitals and released. Officer Moore and HIafka were admitted to Bon Secours Hospital.

Officer Joseph Hlafka
Officer Joseph E. Hlafka "Nightstick Joe"

When we need their help they don't think twice, they just come running to our aid... We know money is tight for everyone, so anything you can give at all, will make you the kind of hero our officers need right now. Use this donation button

maryland flag line6

Please contact Det. Ret. Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department.  

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